Arri Alexa Studio Package | $450 / Day

For true 2x anamorphic capture or extra safe area to reframe in post

Removes rolling shutter allowing for the use of strobes and film-like motion

Allows for wireless camera/lens control with accessories like the WCU4

The camera can be equipped with either the OVF-1 Optical Viewfinder for true through the lens viewing or with the standard EVF-1 depending on the needs of the project/operator

Up to 48 fps in 4:3 sensor mode
Up to 120 fps in 16:9 sensor mode
Mirror Shutter usable up to 48 fps

Internal ND 1.4 (4.3 Stops) Filter saves space in your mattebox

Records 2k or HD 12 Bit ProRes 444 internally (ProRes 422HQ for High Speed)
Can record 2.8k 12 bit ARRIRAW with the use of an external recorder, such as the Odyssey 7Q+ (Max 60 fps)

Arri OVF-1 Optical Viewfinder (Can be used with spherical or anamorphic lenses)
Arri EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder
Arri Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-3
Short EVF Cable
Long EVF Cable

3x 32gb SxS Pro Card (~10 Min Rec Time @ 24fps | Max 48fps)
2x 64gb SxS Pro+ Card (~20 Min Rec Time @ 24fps | Max 120fps)
SxS Thunderbolt Card Reader
Thunderbolt Cable

6x 150wh V Mount Batteries
V Mount 4x Charger
D-Tap 4 port splitter
3 Pin XLR 24v AC Power Supply
3 Pin XLR to 2 Pin Fischer AC Power Cable

D-Tap to 4 Pin Mini XLR Power Cable
2x 22” Coiled SDI Cable
Noga CineArm

Arri SCH-1 Adjustable Top Handle with 8x 3/8” Mount Points
Arri BP-8 for 19mm Rods
2x 19mm Rods
12" Dovetail plate
Low-mode top cheese plate LMS-3
2x Arri S4 handles with Run/Stop trigger
S4 handle dovetail adapter plate
Pistol Grip with Run/Stop trigger
Shoulder Pad

5 Pin XLR to 2x 3 Pin XLR cable for internal stereo recording

Angenieux 25-250mm T3.9 Zoom Lens | $125 / Day

Fresh out of 1962, this lens has the softness and aberations you need to fight overly sharp modern CMOS chips. Wide open, it resembles a Super Speed at T1.3, giving an ethereal look without filters. At higher stops, aberations are corrected enough to maintain a sharp, contrasty image without being too exacting like modern lenses. Great for crash zooms and soft, painterly images.

This lens, due to its age, behaves somewhat strangely. The barrel extends and retracts as you move through the focus range, making incompatible with some matteboxes. 3D printed gears have been added for follow focus compatibility; unfortunately, these gears cover the distance scale. Be aware before you rent!

Front Diameter: 110mm
Close Focus: 1.7m / 6ft
Aperture Blades: 12
Length: 33cm / 1.08ft
Weight: 2.53kg / 5.58 lbs
Includes: Sun Hood and 15 or 19mm Lens Support